US VP Mike Pence Visit to Israel. Arab-Israeli Party Members Disrupt Pence Speech in Parliament – Updating During the Visit

US Vice President Mike Pence is one of the biggest Israel supporters ever to have the role of Vice President.

This is the highest-level U.S. visit to the Israel since President Donald Trump visited on Dec. 6 and since President Trump has recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital with the promise to begin the process of moving the American embassy to Jerusalem.

On this visit to Israel, VP Pence will be holding strategic meetings with PM Benjamin Netanyahu. Even though it was planned for the VP to meet Abbas, the leader of the Palestinian Authority, Abbas is boycotting the USA and has officially went on record saying he does not want to meet Pence on this visit.

Once again, we see the absolute lunacy of the palestinian Arabs, who know how to bite the hand that feeds it, since it has been the USA that has historically funded the Palestinian Authority to be able to survive.

Pence arrives at Ben Gurion airport in Israel

US Security for VP Pence in Jerusalem is strong

video courtesy of Jerusalem Jane

PM Benjamin Netanyahu Welcomes VP Mike Pence

After the Pence-Netanyahu meeting, VP Pence visits the Israeli Knesset to speak in front of the Israeli Parliament. All Israeli Parliament members are present, but the Arab-Israeli joint list party boycotts the speech by causing a scene as VP Pence speaks.

VP Mike Pence Telling Israel When the US Embassy will be Moved to Jerusalem

VP Mike Pence with Words of Encouragement about the US Position on Iran

Israelis Saying Thank You to VP Mike Pence outside Israeli Parliament

Once again, we see how Israeli Arabs and the Arabs of the Palestinian Authority are insulting the USA and Israel with their knee jerk boycott of the strongest country in the world.

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