A Little Boy At Sea

Smiles as bright as the sun were apparent when a sweet little boy met the Israeli Navy for the first time. Abraham, an adorable 5 year old boy had the opportunity of a lifetime to get up close and personal with the heroes at sea for one reason.

Unfortunately, Abraham is battling cancer.

The Israeli Navy welcomed him with banners, swag and smiles and Abraham’s precious laughter was heard throughout the submarine. As father and son walked on, cheers and clapping caused tremendous happiness to everyone witnessing Abraham’s momentous event.

Eyes Wide Open

It’s important for everyone to realize the beauty of the Israeli Defense Forces. Their mission is protect Israel but on a daily basis they go above and beyond.

This story with Abraham is just one example of Israeli soldiers helping others. On buses and on the streets, the soldiers help people. They can be seen helping elderly people cross the streets. These soldiers will jump out of a seat on the bus after a long tiresome day to offer it to someone they think is more in need. They will always bring joy and happiness to people that want a photo with them. After all, they are the heroes and celebrities of Israel, a deserving title bestowed upon them by the Israeli citizens.

Thank you to all of Israel’s brave and courageous soldiers. Thank you for taking the time to inspire others. You made a little boy’s dream come true, his dream to meet the Israeli Navy! May God give you strength, watch over and protect you always.

When you open your eyes to the world around you, you will not only see the beauty that surrounds you, but also sweet events that will bring a smile to your face.
May we always have the opportunity to see and share the beauty around us.

May Abraham always have a reason to smile. We wish Abraham and his family well.

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Tova made Aliyah with her family to Israel from New Jersey, USA. Tova loves to focus on all the amazing experiences she come across while navigating through her new life in Israel. Her other focus is to highlight the positivity of Israel to help inspire others to one day make the move too.

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