Israel is Making an Impact with Solar Energy

Israel may be a young country of 70 years but they are making an impact with solar energy. Many countries are looking towards Israel as a model for how to utilize natural resources. The God Given Sun!

Israel Breaks Her Record

Israel breaks her solar power production record and with that puts Israeli sun innovation on the map. Our country is blessed with year round sunshine as anyone walking down the street can tell you that “deodorant in Israel is necessary and a must!” However, Israel doesn’t take even the natural sun for granted. The small country wants to improve and surpass their use of solar energy and they are continuing to develop to ensure that will happen. The Southern region of Israel, close to Eilat, is being utilized as a tower is being constructed to generate much of Israel’s energy needs.

Don’t you love Israel? The sun is so powerful that it alone heats the water for your hot showers. The sun warms your skin even on a chilly day. After a rainstorm, the sun peaks out through the clouds before unveiling herself in all her glory. The sun is so powerful in Israel, that every other shop sells 20 shekel sunglasses. Don’t forget your water before going out for the day. If that happens, water is being sold at every other store that the sunglasses are not. Sometimes you’ll even find water and sunglasses sold at the same store!

So the next time you see the sun in Israel, remember that Israel is doing all it can to make the most of the world’s natural resources. Israel wastes nothing and when God gives us a gift, we show our true appreciation and use it to it’s fullest potential.

Of course remember, and this might be the most important piece of advice, to always protect your skin and wear sunscreen since the sun is so strong in Israel. Have a bright and sunny day!

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Tova made Aliyah with her family to Israel from New Jersey, USA. Tova loves to focus on all the amazing experiences she come across while navigating through her new life in Israel. Her other focus is to highlight the positivity of Israel to help inspire others to one day make the move too.

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