Funny and Delicious Aspects of Life In Israel: A-Z!

In the world of fast-paced social media, it’s hard to know whose lives you have the opportunity to affect. Unless they reach out and let you know. This one really touched me since it is an issue I’m passionate about, moving to Israel, aka aliyah.

I love all the time I spend trying to inspire and share positivity about Israel. It makes my heart beat fast when I see something inspiring. I need to share it immediately with anyone that wants to listen! And I’m grateful to all those that do!

Well, about 6 months ago I received a sweet message from someone that my posts had inspired her through her family’s Aliyah process. Chanale, talented songwriter, singer, video producer, and comedy sketch artist, just to name a few, reached out to let me know she made Aliyah. I was thrilled for her. And then I started to see her hilarious and entertaining videos about her Aliyah experience. Laugh out loud funny!

Her super entertaining videos inspired me to continue to inspire others. I had the opportunity to tell that to Chanale and thank her when we finally met up.

We spoke by messages and FaceTime and decided it was imperative that we meet in person and do a video collaboration. I thought it was a fabulous idea! We have the opportunity to share each other with our respective audiences.

There was so much laughter and lucky for all of you we caught it on tape! So sit back and enjoy our fun! You’ll probably need to watch it twice to make sure you heard all the funny jokes! You’ll probably even want to watch it 3 or 4 times. You know what, let us know in the comments!

Watch the video where we highlight funny and delicious aspects of Life In Israel: A-Z!

Find Chanale on and find me, Tova on to share in our fun!

By Tova in Israel

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