Delicious Wine In Israel

You will definitely want to raise your wine glass for a L’Chaim after you watch this video. Eli Poch of Kfar HaYayin and The Jerusalem Wine Club hosts tasting events every month. At each event, he introduces another winery from Israel. This time everyone at the event had the enjoyable pleasure of meeting David Bar-Ilan of Tulip Winery.

Tulips are a beautiful flower, but Tulip Wine is tasty and flavorful. The Winery, located in Kfar Tikva, has won Gold and Silver medals all throughout the world. They don’t only offer a fabulous end result of delicious wines, but the winery has an incredible outlook on life. The village that the winery is located in is a village for people with special needs. David hires these local people to work for him. He doesn’t look at it as offering them a service, he believes these people are truly providing him with meaning. In the video you’ll hear from David about some special moments he experienced working with these special people.

David calls himself a snob that doesn’t normally attend events like the one that Eli hosted, but he said that since Eli is special to him, that’s the reason for his presence at the wine tasting. That shows a great deal of the kind of business man Eli is. He approaches his business on a personal level- sharing the stories of the wineries, of the winemakers.  This is evident in the relationship between him and all the wineries he works with.

During this event the guests had the distinct pleasure of being the first to try a brand new Tulip wine not yet on the market called Espero, which means hope. How appropriate for a winery in a village called Tikvah which also translates to Hope.

The guests were also first to find out about a new price level that the Wine Club offers.  Watch the video for more information that you will definitely want to take advantage of.

To get involved in the wine club, visit where you will also find information to join one of Eli’s fabulous wine events.

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Tova made Aliyah with her family to Israel from New Jersey, USA. Tova loves to focus on all the amazing experiences she come across while navigating through her new life in Israel. Her other focus is to highlight the positivity of Israel to help inspire others to one day make the move too.