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Israel is Making an Impact with Solar Energy

Israel may be a young country of 70 years but they are making an impact with solar energy. Many countries are looking towards Israel as a model for how to utilize natural resources. The God Given Sun! Israel Breaks Her Record Israel breaks her solar power production record and with that puts Israeli sun innovation on the map. Our country is blessed with year round sunshine as anyone walking down the street can tell you that “deodorant in Israel is necessary and a must!” However, Israel doesn’t take even the…

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Aliya Inspiring Israel is Beautiful 

What Does It Mean To YOU To Be Israeli?

What does it mean to YOU to be Israeli? When you live in Israel, you are bound to have opinions thrown in your direction. Strangers offer their opinions freely – whether you asked for them or not. Being an Israeli means caring about one another. It means that you love your neighbor, even if you’ve never met them before. There are so many beautiful things about living in Israel. It’s a wonderful melting pot of cultures because anyone that moved to Israel has brought their cultures and incorporated them into…

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