An Israeli Muslim Arab Declares Proudly “My Country is Israel” Find Out Why!

Mohammad Kabiya is an Israeli Muslim Arab, and he is proud to be an Israeli. What Mohammad experiences as an Israeli Muslim Arab, all Israeli Muslim Arabs experience. His story is the true story of Israel today, and the co-existence that exists in our society. Unfortunately, mass media, journalists, and politicians prefer to believe anti-Israel lies that they are fed instead of doing the research and finding out the truth about Israel. Israel is NOT an apartheid state, Israel is an oasis for all. And this only exists in the one Jewish state in the Middle East. Such co-existence and equality do not exist in the Muslim run countries in the Middle East. Help share Mohammad’s story far and wide so everyone can know the truth about Israel. People might be surprised to hear the truth from an Israeli Muslim Arab!

Another fabulous video from Prager University.

Mohammad’s Story

I am an Arab.

I am a Muslim.

And I love my country.

In fact, I’m prepared to die for it.

Which is why I serve in its army.

I don’t have to do this. I want to do this. Because my country is a special place unlike any other. Free, diverse, vibrant.

Yet other countries, not so free, not so diverse, call for my country’s complete destruction. The moment my country lets its guard down it will be destroyed.


I grew up and still live in a small village named after my Bedouin Arab tribe.

Our roots in this land run deep. In 1948 when Arab armies invaded the new State of Israel my family thought of leaving our village. Some of them did. But when the Jewish leaders heard that they implored us to remain. “This is our country for both Arabs and Jews” they said. “Stay and we will work together to build it”.

My family stayed, my parents were born here. Made their lives here. Started their own family here. In Israel.

In 2002 I was a teenager. It was a violent time.

Watch the video to see the rest of Mohammad’s story.

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