Israeli Wine 

Delicious Wine In Israel

You will definitely want to raise your wine glass for a L’Chaim after you watch this video. Eli Poch of Kfar HaYayin and The Jerusalem Wine Club hosts tasting events every month. At each event, he introduces another winery from Israel. This time everyone at the event had the enjoyable pleasure of meeting David Bar-Ilan of Tulip Winery. Tulips are a beautiful flower, but Tulip Wine is tasty and flavorful. The Winery, located in Kfar Tikva, has won Gold and Silver medals all throughout the world. They don’t only offer…

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Inspiring Israel Defense Forces 

A Little Boy At Sea

Smiles as bright as the sun were apparent when a sweet little boy met the Israeli Navy for the first time. Abraham, an adorable 5 year old boy had the opportunity of a lifetime to get up close and personal with the heroes at sea for one reason. Unfortunately, Abraham is battling cancer. The Israeli Navy welcomed him with banners, swag and smiles and Abraham’s precious laughter was heard throughout the submarine. As father and son walked on, cheers and clapping caused tremendous happiness to everyone witnessing Abraham’s momentous event.…

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Inspiring Israel is Beautiful Start-up Nation 

Israel is Making an Impact with Solar Energy

Israel may be a young country of 70 years but they are making an impact with solar energy. Many countries are looking towards Israel as a model for how to utilize natural resources. The God Given Sun! Israel Breaks Her Record Israel breaks her solar power production record and with that puts Israeli sun innovation on the map. Our country is blessed with year round sunshine as anyone walking down the street can tell you that “deodorant in Israel is necessary and a must!” However, Israel doesn’t take even the…

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Aliya Inspiring Israel is Beautiful 

What Does It Mean To YOU To Be Israeli?

What does it mean to YOU to be Israeli? When you live in Israel, you are bound to have opinions thrown in your direction. Strangers offer their opinions freely – whether you asked for them or not. Being an Israeli means caring about one another. It means that you love your neighbor, even if you’ve never met them before. There are so many beautiful things about living in Israel. It’s a wonderful melting pot of cultures because anyone that moved to Israel has brought their cultures and incorporated them into…

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Standing with Israel 

An Israeli Muslim Arab Declares Proudly “My Country is Israel” Find Out Why!

Mohammad Kabiya is an Israeli Muslim Arab, and he is proud to be an Israeli. What Mohammad experiences as an Israeli Muslim Arab, all Israeli Muslim Arabs experience. His story is the true story of Israel today, and the co-existence that exists in our society. Unfortunately, mass media, journalists, and politicians prefer to believe anti-Israel lies that they are fed instead of doing the research and finding out the truth about Israel. Israel is NOT an apartheid state, Israel is an oasis for all. And this only exists in the…

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Hilarious Instant Articles 

Funny and Delicious Aspects of Life In Israel: A-Z!

In the world of fast-paced social media, it’s hard to know whose lives you have the opportunity to affect. Unless they reach out and let you know. This one really touched me since it is an issue I’m passionate about, moving to Israel, aka aliyah. I love all the time I spend trying to inspire and share positivity about Israel. It makes my heart beat fast when I see something inspiring. I need to share it immediately with anyone that wants to listen! And I’m grateful to all those that…

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