Yonina’s ultimate battle of the “Niggunim”

A Niggun is a form of Jewish song which has no words, which gives it endless meaning, brings us

together and uplifts us. Niggunim are oftentimes improvisations, though they can be based on Torah

passages or verses. Different Jewish groups have different niggunim. Different Hasidic groups have

their own niggun songs, often composed by their rebbe or leader. Hasidic Jews gather to sing in

groups on Shabbat and holydays. There are also some niggunim for individual meditation, called

devekus or devekut (connecting with God) niggunim. These are usually much slower than around-the-

table niggunim, and are almost always sung without lyrics. The Besh”t, some say, stated that

devekus nigunim are “songs that transcend syllables and sound.” Several tunes attributed to him

are still used today.

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