Welcome To White Night Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a city mixed with ancient history and modern day life. Every corner that you turn you can find something to talk about, whether it’s something that had to do with the history of the state of Israel, a new start-up that is about to explode or a hit new club or restaurant. The White Night is a very unique event that only happens once a year. It includes performances that last all night long, including circus, opera, artistic, and other performing arts. The artists come from around the would. They enjoy the night, as do attendees. Although, considering the performances go throughout the night, one would presumably be quite tired afterwards. Perhaps that is why it only happens once a year. Because it would be too difficult to stay up every night for the performances. But once a year, this special performance is something that many people would definitely enjoy. And as for sleeping? They can sleep earlier in the day to give them energy to stay up at night.

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