The Ultimate “Jewish Food” Taste Test

There are some classic Jewish foods, and these guys just had to try them out.

Meeting up at a deli (obviously), they sat down for a delicious meal and sampled some classic Jewish dishes.

They started with chicken soup with matzah balls.

This was quite a surprise for people who have never seen a matzah ball before.

Then they moved on to potato latkes with a choice of apple sauce or sour cream.

Potato latkes are often eaten on Hanukah, although many people enjoy eating them all year round.

The guys also tried pickles and potato knishes. Afterwards, they tested the classic bagel with cream cheese and lox.

For someone who has never eaten lox before, it can be an interesting experience.

Then they tried turkey pastrami sandwich and corned beef sandwich, of course with a pickle.

Do any of the classic Jewish foods have any health benefits?

Let’s look at the most famous of all Jewish “medicinal” foods – Chicken Soup.

In an enlightening feature on CNN, titled, “Does chicken soup really help fight a cold?” this issue was analyzed from several angles.

Are their truly anti-inflammatory effects that come from eating up some Jewish soup?

The most fascinating aspect of the article was the study that was done in Miami Beach, an area known for many golden-age Jewish people who certainly use chicken soup as a staple against getting colds and as a staple used for treating the common cold.

Chicken Soup

Small chunks of bacteria or viruses were actually placed into the nostrils of healthy volunteers, and then the researchers investigated the contrast between what would happen if those bacteria were met with cold water, hot water or chicken soup.

Interestingly enough, hot chicken soup was found to be the most effective liquid in stimulating something known as the mucociliary transport system, which gets rid of infections!

Researcher Dr. Kiumars Saketkhoo said, “The mucociliary transport system is important for getting rid of every respiratory infection, including colds.” Saketkhoo continued: “Whatever can make airways clear up faster may decrease risk of infection or clear an existing infection.”

Perhaps, chicken soup ought to be treated as the “feel better” food for those with colds, even if it doesn’t actually “cure” the cold.

Who doesn’t want to feel a little better when suffering from the common cold?

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