The Suicidal Speech of Mahmoud Abbas that Killed the Fake Narrative of “Palestine”

By Avi Abelow @aviabelow

In his speech on Jan. 14, 2018, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas made some important statements about future PA relations with the US. He insulted US President Trump, going as far as to say: “May your house be destroyed,” and called US ambassadors David Friedman and Nikki Haley “an insult to an administration that respects itself.” In addition, Abbas stressed that the Palestinians already decided in 1980 that they would not have relations with any country that recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, indicating that this is still their policy. Finally, Abbas also mocked American aid, saying the US should not do the PA “any favors by paying us money.”

Read the full Palestinian Media Report here.

According to Middle East and Islam expert Dr. Mordechai Kedar:

Mahmoud Abbas, chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization, has delivered a speech triggered by his rage at the President of the United States, Donald Trump, going so far as to hurl the most bitter curse in the Arabic language at the POTUS: “May your house be destroyed.”

This imprecation does not merely relate to someone’s present home, but to all the members of his family being thrown into the street to lead lives of destitution, humiliation and shame. Only someone familiar with Middle Eastern culture understands the real significance of this damning curse.

Watch him curse President Trump here:

Abbas’ speech highlighted his false opinion that the Jewish people have no connection to Israel and that Israel was established as part of the European grand plan to colonize the Middle East colony in order to create havoc in the Arab/Muslim world.

But that’s not all, Abbas continued with his blatant lies and re-writing of history, stating that founding Prime Minister of Israel, David Ben Gurion planned the mass persecution and expulsion of Jews from Arab/Muslim countries in order for them to move to Israel.

What the world just witnessed was the meltdown of the lies of the fake narrative called “Palestine.” The idea of “Palestine” was never to create a flourishing country for an indigenous people with national rights, rather the strategy of creating “Palestine” was to destroy the Jewish state, and murder the indigenous population of Jews by inventing a fake people called “Palestinians,” and usurping the history, and historical landmarks, of the Jewish people. The anti-Semitic nature of the fake “Palestinian” leadership was just laid bare for all to witness, by the President of the Palestinian Authority himself, Abbas.

His self-destructive speech, not only exposed the true anti-Semitic nature of the agenda of establishing “Palestine” and the two state solution, but Abbas also decided to go down with a bang, and insult President Trump and the USA with one of the worst curses in the Arabic language.

We now look forward to seeing how President Trump and the USA responds. Cutting $65 million in funds to UNRWA, an organization that just perpetuates the conflict, and is part of the problem, should only be the beginning.

Here is the author interviewing Professor Mordechai Kedar on how “Palestine” is now dead:

Here are some key excerpts from this Abbas meltdown speech:

Mahmoud Abbas: The PLO Should Reexamine Its Agreements with Israel; We Will No Longer Accept the U.S. as Mediator
In an address to the PLO Central Council on January 14, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said that the Central Council “is required to reexamine the agreements between the PLO and the Israeli government.” He responded to U.S. President Trump’s recent tweets threatening to cut Palestinian aid by saying: “To hell with you! When have we ever rejected negotiations?” “We will not accept America as a mediator with Israel,” Abbas said. In his lengthy address, broadcast by the Palestinian Authority TV channel, Abbas gave a historical review, in which he claimed that conspiracies to settle the Jews in the Middle East had begun in the 17th century with Oliver Cromwell, and continued throughout the centuries, and that the Zionist movement “constitutes a colonialist enterprise that has nothing to do with Judaism.”

Mahmoud Abbas: “This is a watershed moment. This is a dangerous moment. Our entire future is on the line. If Jerusalem is gone, what will you do next? Establish a state with Abu Dis as its capital? This is what they are offering us now. Abu Dis and whatever… It’s over. We are here, and we shall stay here. We shall not repeat the mistakes of the past. We shall not repeat the mistakes of 1948 and 1967. We shall stay here regardless of the occupation and the settlements. We shall not leave this country. This is our country. This has been our land since the days of the Canaanites. By the way, our Canaanite forefathers… The Torah says… and I do not want to go into history or geography… From the days of the Canaanites and to this day, [our forefathers] have not left this land. They were here before our patriarch Abraham. We were. Since before our patriarch Abraham…”

“We have tried to raise the issue of the 100-year-old Balfour Declaration. Some people have rebuked us for this: After 100 years you bring this up again? Yes. We brought it up after 100 years, and we still do. We will continue to talk about it until Great Britain apologizes, pays reparations, and recognizes the State of Palestine. But the issue goes back long before that, my brothers. The late Egyptian intellectual Abdel-Wahab El-Messiri was among the most important people who talked about the Zionist movement and Judaism. His encyclopedias and volumes are well known throughout the Arab world. He describes that entity as follows: ‘The functional nature of Israel means that it was evoked by colonialism in order to fulfill a specific function, and thus it constitutes a colonialist enterprise that has nothing to do with Judaism.'”

“When Herzl arrived in Palestine, he saw people, human beings, citizens. So he said: ‘We should erase the Palestinians from Palestine, so that it will become a land without a people for a people without a land. ‘This is the origin of the slogan “a land without a people for a people without a land.” This is the origin of the slogan coined by Herzl. This was immediately followed by a very important story with British PM Campbell-Bannerman, in 1805-1807…”

Off camera voice: “The 1900s…”

Mahmoud Abbas: “Right, sorry. Bravo, you’re following… At that time, there were secret meetings of the foreign and defense ministers of all European countries except Germany, with Campbell-Bannerman. The bottom line, in a nutshell, was that European civilization was on the verge of collapse. It was getting old. The region poised to inherit European civilization The region poised to inherit European civilization Who? The south and east of the Mediterranean Sea. That’s us.

“[Campbell-Bannerman said:] To prevent this, we must keep these countries divided, backward, and engulfed in infighting. Take a look at us today: divided, backward, and engulfed in infighting. It is as if they were talking about us today. As a quick remedy to prevent this region from succeeding European civilization, the Campbell-Bannerman report suggested planting, east of the Suez Canal, a people that is foreign to the locals but friendly with us, and let it be the Jews.

When he (Israeli PM David Ben-Gurion) saw how vast the [newly occupied] land was, he was forced to bring in Jews. The Arab Jews did not want to come either – not from Iraq and not from Yemen. From Yemen, in 1949, TWA airplanes… TWA was owned by… By Somalia? By whom? TWA took 50,000 Jews from Yemen to Israel. It was called Operation Magic Carpet. That was its code name. But these 50,000 were not enough, and they turned to Iraq. In Iraq, there was a huge reservoir of Jews, a wealth of Jews. So they reached an agreement with Nuri Al-Said, Allah’s mercy upon him, and with Tawfiq Al-Suwaidi, Allah’s mercy upon him too… They reached an agreement that they would strip the Jews of their nationality, and force them to leave. Thus, 150,000 Iraqi Jews were driven out and sent to Israel. They did not make do with this. They gathered the Jews from all the Arab countries – Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon – and did not leave anyone behind. They transferred them all to Israel.”

To read the full transcript of Abbas’ speech you can find it here translated by MEMRI.

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