The story of a Jewish grandma born in “Palestine”

Shulamit was born in pre-1948 Israel, back when the British called it ‘Palestine’. Back then, she had arab neighbors and good relationships with them. But she also describes a terror attack that took place right after she was born. One night, her mother went into labor and took the number 9 Jerusalem bus in 1944 to get to the hospital. The birth process steadily advanced, and she gave birth right there in the bus, well before it arrived at its destination! The driver requested that the other passengers disembark and he took the mother and new baby to the hospital. Sadly, as the other passengers waited for another bus, arab terrorists attacked and killed them, Shulamit explains. Shulamit’s story is very powerful. Firstly, it demonstrates that there can be positive relationships with arabs when they are not killing Jews. Secondly, the attack in 1944 was before Israel was even declared a state! You can’t blame this one on Israeli statehood. It happened purely because they hated Jews. Thirdly, Shulamit, and her ancestors were all born in Israel, they are not “European invaders’. Jews are the real native people of Israel!

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