“The Starfish Thrower” – An Inspirational Short Film

This story has a wonderful message. And that message is that every action you take to help makes a


The video shows a boy on a long beach. The tide is going down. As a result, there are

starfish on the seashore. The boy is attempting to throw the starfish back to the water, back to

their home. Yet the beach is long, and it is impossible for him to help all of the starfish. So why

does the boy continue his actions? He will never be able help all of the starfish. He returns them

because his actions make a big difference to the ones he saves. And that is the important lesson.

How often to we think that whatever we do in this world will not really matter at all to almost anyone.

That kind of a world outlook is unfortunately rampant in today’s day and age – where loneliness and confusion are such a normal phenomenon.

Well, what is the reality?

Are people’s actions that seem so minor and so seemingly unimportant truly meaningless?

Well, one way of looking at the world that may change the way people look at things is the realization that basically everything that all people do in this world is just hundreds of thousands of little things.

However, without doing those little things, nothing big would ever get done in this world.

The best analogy that can help us understand this is by looking at a pointillist painting – a picture that is basically just a few thousand dots.

However, when looked at from afar, one sees that they are actually looking at a work of art.

All of the dots are not just a part of the whole – without each of the dots, the whole is incomplete.

Lets look at all of the things we do in this world as small parts of a whole.

Let us view every small action as a part of a major action or a massive movement – because, it truly is major.

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