The Question Every Freedom Loving Person Must Ask About Mass Muslim Migration!

By Avi Abelow @aviabelow

English media personality Katie Hopkins asks the question of the century. Such a simple question, that is clear for all to see. Yet why is it never asked? It is very unfortunate that the mainstream media, and Western politicians prefer to ignore asking this essential question.

Why Do Muslims Flee Muslim Countries to Live in Christian Countries?

The answer should be clear to all.

Instead of screaming Islamaphobia whenever Islam is critiqued, so called “liberals” would do themselves and Muslims a better service, by understanding what is going wrong in the Muslim countries causing this situation. If Islam was such a peaceful religion they would have no reason to be running away to Christian countries. Instead they could have been running away to other Muslim countries, but they don’t do that. Muslims know something about their religion, and Muslim culture, that Westerners don’t know. Yet many citizens of Western countries prefer to ignore reality and bring many of the problems of the Muslim world right into their own countries. Sweden, France, Germany etc. are only some of the Western countries dealing with the horrible ramifications of massive Muslim migration, and yet they still will not say that it is because of the Islamic origin of the migrants.

NO, not all Muslims are problematic, but it is hard to ignore the problems that the massive Muslim migrants are bringing with them from their Islamic culture.

Katie Hopkins highlights another very important hypocrisy of the liberal world. While they like to make issue with the incorrectly labeled “Muslim” ban that President Trump has instituted, they have been eerily silent regarding the ban against Israelis in 16 different countries.

The problems that Western countries are experiencing due to the high level of Muslim migration won’t be solved until they start asking the basic question that Katie Hopkins asks in the video.

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