The Israeli-Arab female hip hop duo

By Avi Abelow @aviabelow

Female, Muslim Arab rappers. How many countries in the Muslim world do you think have such a thing?

Well Israel has two! And together they are the Muslim female rap group called 3Arapeye. As you can imagine, this is a very unique thing for the Muslim world. We don’t know exactly how many such groups exist in other Muslim countries, but we doubt there are many others. Yet, this anomoly actually exists in the one Jewish country in the Middle East, where all women have equality, Jews, Muslims and Christians. While it took a while for their Israeli Muslim friends and neighbors to accept them, they have now become a hit!

Their names are Safaa & Nahwa. They are from the Northern Israeli city of Acre, which is a mixed city, of co-existence, with Jews and Muslims. Safaa and Nahwa use music to empower women around the world. While you will probably not understand the music they are singing, definitely turn the speakers to hear about their unique story and music! This is one of many examples to show people around the world that not only is Israel NOT an apartheid country, it is a country where Muslims, including Muslim women, have more rights than in their own Muslim ruled countries!

These Israeli Arab are very talented, and are great hip hop artists. They are using hip hop to empower

others. Hip hop developed in New York City in the seventies, as an expression of urban African

American and Latino youth. It later became mainstream. One thing that is sometimes connected to hip

hop and is highly controversial, is graffiti. Many artists also perform break dancing, to the

delight of the crowd. There have been some female hip hop artists, however it is rare to see the duo

of the Israeli-Arab team! Just a point to consider: Would any arab country give women the freedom

and independence to express themselves like this?

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