The inspiring story of The Tightrope Walker

This is one of the most inspiring stories ever. A man was punished and sent to the Siberian labor camp.

He was punished for begin a Jew. There, prisoners were forced to do hard labor. Conditions were very

difficult, many were killed or died, and the winters were brutal. This Jewish man met another prisoner,

who was a tightrope walker. When the prisoner was finally let go, he decided on his last day in the

prison to show everyone his trade. The man set up a rope between two trees, and walked across it.

People cheered him on. When he made it to the end, they asked him how he did it. He replied that he

didn’t look down. Furthermore, he remained focused on his goal and completely ignored the

background noise from the spectators. The Jewish prisoner was later freed, however he always

remembered that lesson – one should not worry about what others will say, rather one should pursue

his goal with confidence in God.

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