The Biggest Lulav We Have Ever Seen!

The Jewish holiday of Sukkot is celebrated by Jews all over the year, all performing the same unique commandments for this very special holiday, including building a hut called a Sukkah, and purchasing 4 species to perform some traditional ceremonies. One of the four species is a palm branch called a lulav.

Our friend Rabbi Herzfeld is not content with normal, he wants to do everything in a special way to get people excited about the Torah and all of the mitzvot. So when it comes to celebrating the holiday of Sukkot, things are no different. He doesn’t build his traditional Sukkah (hut) out of materials that everyone else uses. He builds his sukkah out of lego!

Photo from Rabbi Herzfeld FB page

So too, with regards to his Lulav. While everyone else is content with a normal sized Lulav around 2-3 feet long, Rabbi Herzfeld wanted to find the biggest Lulav he could find. He reached out to his friends all over the world to help him. One Rabbi friend in Los Angeles, California, searched for days for the perfect Lulav in all of the palm trees across Los Angeles, but did not find the right Lulav for Rabbi Herzfeld, until….

He looked up at the palm tree in his own front yard, and found a huge 9 foot Lulav for Rabbi Herzfeld!

This is one unbeleivably HUGE Lulav. Watch the video to see Rabbi Herzfeld’s whole story unfold of his search for the perfect Lulav.

Photo from Rabbi Herzfeld FB page
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