Thank You For These AMAZING Words About Israel – He Is A Zionist!

Israel needs and appreciates all the support it can get. There are so many Israel haters around the world that when someone stands up and speaks about their love for the Jewish people and Israel it becomes even more important to spread their words. We thank you and invite you to come visit us here in Israel. This man is a Zionist. Imagine you could trace your lineage back a hundred years. How about two hundred. Can you do it? How about five years back? That is very difficult. But if you could trace your lineage that far, it would bring you a great deal of backing and credibility. This man can. And he is proud of his heritage. And then he found out that a certain group of people can trace their lineage back THREE THOUSAND years! And those people are the Jews. Jews can trace their lineage back to King David, who ruled in Israel 3,000 years ago. And so, this man is a Zionist – he believes in the right of the Jewish self-determination in the land of their ancestors. And if he can be a Zionist, than everyone can.

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