Remarkable story of a hero from WWII finally told

In World War Two, there was an American army regiment with many Jewish soldiers.

The unit was sent to Germany – fighting in the Belgian sector.

What is not often known is that the Allied Powers lost many battles in the massive war that was ultimately won against the Nazis and theri allies.

This is a story of soldiers who lost their battle, were taken by the Nazis, yet miraculously survived to tell about it.

They were taken as prisoners of war – along with countless other soldiers – first by foot, and then by cattle

cars – packed like sardines – all the way to the prison in Germany.

One day, it was rumored that the next day, all Jews would be separated from the other prisoners.

The next day, the Nazis made their order, and the Jews were separated from the others within the prison – a prison within a prison.

These prisoners were in the middle of suffering in German prison camps while the German army was in the midst of defeat – in early January 1945.

It is simply astounding that the German Army was busying itself with separating out Jewish from non-Jewish prisoners while it was experiencing defeat after defeat.

At a powerful moment in the end of the War, a dramatic story occurred in which the non-Jewish commander protected his men.

Ultimately, the stubbornness and braveness of the American soldiers who were prisoners of war, prevailed against the Germans, and were ultimately freed by American forces.

The commander never told his own son what happened, but some detective work had enabled the commander’s son to search and see into his father’s past.

World War Two was a horrible event in which millions of people lost their lives due to systematic killing of people due to pure racism.

It also brought out the worst and best of humanity.

This story of a righteous man is an excellent video documentary produced by the Jewish Foundation for the Righteous.

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