Record Setting Amount of Jews Visit the Temple Mount During the Sukkot Holiday

Over 2,250 Jews visited the Jewish holy site of the Temple Mount. This is a historical world record.

For decades the Muslim world has scared Jews, and the State of Israel, from allowing Jews to visit our holy site, threatening that it would bring about world war III. For years Jews have stayed away from our holy site, but little by little this is changing.

Jews are commanded to visit the Temple Mount three times a year, on the Passover, Shavuot and Sukkot holidays. During the times of the Temples, millions of Jews used to visit. Yet for thousands of years Jews were not allowed to visit at all. Finally we are renewing this very special commandment,with more and more Jews visiting each year!

Unfortunately, the State of Israel still gives in to the threats of the Muslim world and forbids Jews from praying or conducting any religious acts on our holy site. This can be witnessed in the following video when a Jew is arrested for performing the special Sukkot holiday commandment of the 4 species.

Performing the commandment of the 4 species on the Temple Mount

We are believers that true peace will come with the Muslim world when they respect Jewish beliefs and our holy sites, especially the Temple Mount. So long as the Muslim world continues to deny Jewish history, our connection to our homeland and to our Temple Mount, peace is totally impossible.

Full tour of Jews walking around the Temple Mount

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