Pack a swimsuit, hiking boots, and be prepared for a trip that you will never forget

Eilat is one place you have to visit! It is Israel’s southernmost city, full of beaches, desert, and everything

in between.

Eilat is mentioned in the Bible. It was one of the locations that the Jewish people walked through on their trip in the wilderness from Egypt to the Proimised Land.

It is incredibly popular with tourists today despite the fact that it is the longest drive or flight within Israel’s boundaries that one can travel to.

The beaches are stunning. The water is clear, and the coral reef is something everyone needs to see.

As well, the scenery is stunning.

Situated very close to both Egypt and Jordan, Eilat has both a resort atmosphere as it is next

to the sea, yet it is also in the desert.

This allows people to enjoy the desert without straying far from the beach or their hotels.

By ZaironOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

The desert has amazing hikes, star-gazing at night, great trails, and amazing views.

And if you want a break from the desert, you can drive five minutes back to the hotel on the beach and relax in the water.

Truly an enjoyable experience.

Eilat has been a part of the State of Israel ever since the end of the War of Independence – in 1949.

It became abundantly clear to the fledgling State of Israel that they absolutely needed to have the city of Eilat within their boundaries for many reasons.

Tourism was not the main priority at all.

The main reason was to have an outlet for shipping via Israel’s south.

Eilat’s port was used for communications, commerce, and trace with whole continents.

It opened up Africa and Asia to Israeli imports and exports – especially oil.

Israel’s neighbors were well aware of this and threatened Israel in 1967 by effectively closing the Eilat port via a blockade of the Straits of Tiran.

The Arab countries knew that this basically meant that they were declaring war on Israel and indeed Israel’s famous victorious Six Day War ensued.

Today, it is a largely peaceful area following Peace Agreements with both Jordan and Egypt. The border crossings are largely open for tourists to travel freely through the tourist locations in all 3 countries.

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