Meet the latest Israeli Water Technologies that are changing the world

“Necessity is the mother of invention.”

That phrase encapsulates the State of Israel’s astounding advancements in technology more than any other proverb.

The young State of Israel was faced with an enormous amount of challenges.

First off, all of the neighboring countries to the young State of Israel continued their State of War with Israel even after losing Israel’s War of Independence. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq made it perfectly clear that they had every intention to destroy the Jewish State in the next round of battling against the existence of the Jewish State.

That meant that Israel had an urgent need to buy or manufacture weapons to fortify the State against it’s enemies.

That of course led to the next urgent need – money. That money was needed for so many things, food, housing, building roads, and of course – buying weapons.

Food for the existing and rapidly growing population was just one part of the food problem.

The main issue was the miraculous ingathering of the exiles that was continuing to unfold in a much more intensive manner after the State of Israel was founded.

In just 3-4 years, Israel almost tripled it’s population from 600,000 to around 1,500,000+ people.

Israel found itself with severe housing, food and water shortages.

This was the backdrop of Israel’s jumping into solving it’s water shortage issues.

One of Israel’s greatest projects that began soon after the State was founded was the National Water Carrier Project. It’s construction began in 1953.

Israel's National Water Carrier

Originally, 80% of the water that was being delivered from Israel’s north and pumped into the rest of the State of Israel was slated for agricultural needs. 20% was slated for drinking water.

However, as the demand for domestic water use increased rapidly, more and more water was needed for Israel’s blossoming population.

This has led to Israel’s trailblazing technologies that are now being copied by developed and less developed countries across the world.

Desalination, Drip Irrigation, and re-usage of water solutions are some of Israel’s fascinating developments that are keeping the State of Israel and the rest of the world hydrated and efficient.

TIME magazine featured one of these amazing Israeli innovations – WaterGen. They convert water vapors into liquid and enable water creation in locations that are not easily accessible to plumbing.

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