Meet the CFO of Ford who values the humility that a Torah life gives him

“The career wasn’t going a whole lot of places. Then I became religious and my career took off.

Connection? Don’t know, but I am a believer that there is a correlation there.”

Is it possible to hold down a busy job while balancing a religious Jewish lifestyle? Some think not. After

all, how about daily prayers? How about not working on Shabbat? How about leaving early on Friday

afternoons in the winter to get home before sundown? These are all very difficult questions, but this

man made his decision. He chose Torah. And it was the right choice. Not only is he doing the right

thing, his company and coworkers have been incredibly supportive! Check out his amazing journey

right here.

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Organizational psychologist/management consultant turned Movie Producer (“Home Game” on Gush Katif), Avi is now CEO of 12Tribe Films, a business specializing in video and social media marketing for Israel. You can also follow my mobile updates on Telegram:

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