UPDATE: Hijab Wearing Muslim Model Hired by Loreal for “Diversity” Campaign Steps Down Due to Exposure of NOT Respecting Diversity for Being an Anti-Semite!

By Avi Abelow @aviabelow

Since this story went public a few day ago, there has been a development of great news that we wanted to update and share with you. Due to the immense exposure given to the hypocrisy of hiring someone who hates Israel, and Israelis, to represent “diversity”, Amena Khan stepped down from the campaign. She will no longer be working on this diversity campaign with Loreal.

Just a few weeks ago Loreal made a huge mistake in hiring Amena Khan as their first Muslim, hijab wearing model. We called upon Loreal to fire her immediately for her blatant, and extremely public, anti-semitism, and if not, called upon the public to think twice about purchasing Loreal products.

Amena Khan is a British blogger and model, who has been extremely public about her hatred towards Israel on her Twitter profile, showing her true anti-semitic colors, for the whole world to see.

Is this someone who should be the model of “diversity”? Doesn’t diversity go beyond just looking different, but actually refering more to leading a life of diversity, having respect for all?

We have much critiscm towards the Muslim world, especially their hatred towards Israel, and also the total intolerance in much of the Muslim world towards all others. YET, we in Israel LIVE diversity, with freedom and equality for all.

However Amena Khan does not live diversity, she lives a hatred towards Israel which IS anti-semitism! How? Hating Israel, the one democracy in the Middle East, while ignoring the evils in the Arab/Muslim world, is a total double standard. That double standard is purely and simply anti-semitism!

In response to her being hired by Loreal, Khan has said:

How many brands are doing things like this? Not many. They’re literally putting a girl in a headscarf — whose hair you can’t see — in a hair campaign.

Because what they’re really valuing through the campaign is the voices that we have. You have to wonder — why is it presumed that women that don’t show their hair don’t look after it?

The opposite of that would be that everyone that does show their hair only looks after it for the sake of showing it to others. And that mindset strips us of our autonomy and our sense of independence. Hair is a big part of self-care.

Since the huge backlash against Loreal for hiring her, Khan has begun deleting her viruently anti-Israel, amnti-semitic tweets.

Before she gets rid of all of them, check some of them out here and tell us if she should be the face of “diversity” for Loreal:


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