Kippalive’s amazing original version of a famous Hanukkah song

Chanukah songs are a wonderful part of the holiday. For some it evokes memories of good times, for other it is a fundamental part of the eight-day miracle, and for others the songs are prayers put to tune. We recall how the ancient Greeks attempted, and partially succeeded, to destroy Jewish lifestyle by prohibiting Torah study and forms of Jewish worship. They only believed in the physical world and could not accept concepts such as spirituality or holiness. And so they attacked those Jewish ideals, wanting to defeat Judaism altogether. A group of Jews, the Maccabees, stood up for their religion. When Greeks destroyed the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, the Maccabees fought to reclaim it, thus reclaimed Jewish independence and ability to live a Jewish life. Most people thought the Maccabess would lose the battle as they were few in number and untrained. Yet God helped them to victory, and gave the miracle of the pure oil which lasted for eight days instead of one.

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