Historic Visit of Israeli PM Netanyahu in India. India Loves Israel and it Shows

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu just had a historic diplomatic visit to India, to strengthen business and defense ties between allies. India, under the premiership of Prime Minister Modi has turned into one of Israel’s biggest strategic allies in the world.

While India is one of the biggest countries in the world, and Israel one of the smallest, on a strategic level, this was a diplomatic visit between two of the strongest economies in the world, that share strategic interests, especially the war against Islamic terror.

Follow along this historic visit with the tweets and videos of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Indian Prime Minister Modi.

“Thank you to my good friend, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who surprised me with a personal welcome at the airport upon my arrival in India. Together we will bring the relations between our countries to new heights” – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu facebook post.

PM Netanyahu lands in India

An unbelievably moving welcome ceremony at the presidential palace in India – a great honor for the State of Israel!

The Indian people were extremely excited to great Prime Minister Netanyahu.

While there is plenty of anti-Israel activity taking place around the world, especially at the United Nations and in Western European contries, it is a nice to see a country, whose leader and population, respect Israel and are enthusiastic about seeing the Israeli Prime Minister.

The current leadership of India, under PM Modi, and the people of India, definitely “get it”. They understand the deep strategic and business bonds between our two countries, thanks to much of the joint development work PM Modi brought into India from Israel, before he became Prime Minister. Over the years Modi brought into India many solutions for agriculture and water issues from Israeli companies and as Prime Minister, he has now signed a 5 year deal with PM Netanyahu on further cooperation in those areas.

As relations continue to grow between Israel and India, we see a bright future for both countries.

PM Netanyahu meets with Mumbai terror survivor Moshe Holzberg to unveil a memorial for the Nov. 2008 terror attack at the Mumbai Chabad House. Moshe was a a baby at the time of the attack and he survivor while both of his parents were murdered in the attack.

Transcript of what Moshe said during the ceremony:

“My heart beats, my heart is moved, to return to my parents’ home, the Chabad House that has been rebuilt and refurbished. Here I was born, and here I spent two years. I have absorbed my beloved parents’ sense of mission. To leave the Promised Land on behalf of the Rebbe. From the lowest of places. The house that is open to everyone, to Jews from around the world, who sought a warm corner. My beloved parents did what they did here for the Land of Israel.

I was a darling son to my parents and to our guests. When I would go around the market I would love to play with the goats and pull their horns, without fear. I very much loved balloons. Whenever we would return from visiting Israel, all the employees here would vie to see who would buy me the most balloons. My parents bought me all the toys in the world. My mother etched a line on the wall each time she measured my height. My father built for me an amazing kitchen out of wood, out of his love for me.

I thank G-d for giving us such a wonderful Prime Minister, who invited us to join him on his visit to India. I am returning home, I am returning to my room after a nine-year separation. On this festive occasion, I would like to thank G-d. Praised are you Lord our G-d who did a miracle for me in this place.

Today I live with my grandparents in Afula and learn in a Chabad school in Migdal Haemek. I thank you for everything. I bless my grandparents and thank Sandra who saved me – praise G-d.

In another two years, if G-d wills it, I will celebrate my bar mitzvah. Dear Prime Minister, I invite you to join me on my next visit here on the occasion of my bar mitzvah. With G-d’s help, I will continue my parents’ mission here.

Thank you dear Prime Minister for keeping your promise. Praised is he who keeps his promise to Moshe. I thank the Chabad people and the Prime Minister’s staff for taking all this trouble for the successful event of laying the cornerstone for a museum in memory of my dear parents. Dear Benjamin and Sara, I present you with a modest gift – a photo of a Torah scroll that was struck by the terrorists’ bullets. A bullet left a hole in the shape of a Jewish star exactly over the words ‘After the death of Aaron’s two sons, when they drew near before the Lord and died [Leviticus 16:1].’ I pray to G-d that very soon we will see my mother and father with the Messiah.”

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