WATCH: Historic Moment on the Temple Mount. Group of 42 Jews pray in unison and are then thrown off the Mount

By Avi Abelow @aviabelow

This has not happened in over 2,000 years! What a historic moment!!! Do you think this warrants the Muslim world launching World War III?

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The morning began as every other morning, with a group of religious Jews visiting the holiest site to the Jewish people, the Temple Mount. As they do every day, the Jews waited patiently for the police escort to go up to the Holy Mount, to then walk around in (almost) silence, since it is forbidden for Jews to say any blessings or prayers while visiting our holy Temple Mount. (Small talk is allowed)

The questions everyone should be asking right now is ‘who forbids Jews from praying on the Temple Mount?’ and ‘why do religious Jews need police escorts while visiting our holiest place?’ These are very glaring and eye-opening questions, that should be asked.

It’s not Judaism that forbids prayer and blessings on the Temple Mount. However, it is the Muslim authorities on the Mount who forbid Jews from saying any prayers or blessings, with the unfortunate approval of the Israeli government and the Israeli police. The Israeli authorities are afraid of the Muslim threats to launch World War III if Jews pray or say blessings on our Holy Temple Mount!

Image courtesy of Michael Miller

You then might ask, “Well, how is this enforced?”

Basically, whenever a group of religious Jews go up to the Mount, they are followed by Muslim officials, and Israeli police officers. Then, if/when the Muslim officials see a Jew making movements with their lips, to utter a prayer or blessing, the Muslim official tells the Israeli policemen and the policemen remove the Jew and the group from the Temple Mount immediately.

Being Watched and filmed by the Muslim authorities

video courtesy of Michael Miller

Last week, when a group of 42 Jews went up to visit the Temple Mount, they were then screamed at and verbally attacked by a group of Muslims who were tracking them and filming them. As the police started pushing the Jews to walk faster, instead of just accepting the abuse by the Muslims, the Jews surprised everyone by screaming out prayers in unison. In response, some of the Muslims started to use physical violence against the Jews, and the police quickly pushed the Jews off of the Temple Mount, detaining them for praying on the Temple Mount!

Jews Response to Muslim Verbal Abuse with Prayer on the Temple Mount

video courtesy of Michael Miller

Jews Thrown off of Temple Mount Because of Muslim Intolerance

video courtesy of Michael Miller

Jews in Temple Mount Police Station Being Detained for Prayer on the Temple Mount

video courtesy of Michael Miller

We look forward to the day when the world, including our Jewish/Israeli leadership, no longer appease the intolerant and violent ways of the Muslim world. Instead, Jews will be allowed to pray on our holy Temple Mount, just like all people, of all religions, should be allowed the freedom of religion to visit and pray on the holy Jewish Temple Mount.

According to Judaism, that is EXACTLY what the Temple Mount is supposed to be, a place of prayer for people of all nations and religions.

When that day comes, it won’t be the people who utter prayers who are detained, but rather the intolerant and violent Muslims who harass innocent people trying to pray – they will be removed.


For those who know/don’t know, care/don’t care, I was detained at the police station with the other 41 Jewish detainees for being a ‘bad’ Jew, ‘misbehaving’, ‘disobedient’, breaking the status quo and saying “Shema Yisrael/Hashem Hu HaElokim” on the Temple Mount in response to the Arabs screaming the infamous “Allah Hu Akbar” at us, Baruch Hashem.

After I was detained (signing a document stating that I broke the rules and that the policeman didn’t hurt me in any way, shape or form), I went back the following Thursday morning at 10AM to see if I can go up again. The head officer at the entrance to the Temple Mount, after 30 minutes of waiting, (of course they closed the gate in our faces because the time has elapsed for non-Muslims to visit the Temple Mount – I was with 3 others) told me that I can go up only after I get a ‘special briefing’ by either the head officer of the Jerusalem district (Yamak) Yuval Reuven, or by him himself Amit Branchuk, the head commander at the entrance. In short they didn’t clearly respond “yes” or “no.”

So this morning at 9:45AM, I made my way back to Har HaBayit to check my status again and after waiting approx 30 minutes, Amit told me that he got ‘special permission’ from Yuvak Reuven to do the ‘special briefing’ with him because this was my ‘first offense.’

In short, he explained to me the general rules about visiting the Temple Mount like he does to all the Jewish “visitors,” that we can’t do anything that’s considered religious, Jewish up there… we don’t do anything that disrupts the public peace of the area….we shouldn’t do anything that’s considered in the policemen’s eyes as a “balagan”…because next time, it can cause huge problems, G-d forbid, in future visits both for us and for you, etc. etc.

He said that next time you could either get detained again, get arrested, or get a restraining order from the Temple Mount for a certain amount of time. At the end of the conversation, he cleared me and I was up once again. He then explained to me that “just because the entire group shouted Jewish slogans doesn’t make it right, correct, and just, because they broke the law and disturbed the peace of the holy site and it can lead to much worse situations. It can hurt the security apparatus of the police so whatever the police tell you to do, you obey the ‘law’ and that’s it.”

I ‘WON’ but MAKE NO MISTAKE…this is FAR from over!!! Already today there were more Jordanian Waqf “personnel” on the Temple Mount.

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