Go deep underground and learn about the treasures of Biblical history

The story of modern-day Israel is deeply intertwined with the story of Biblical Israel.

In order to truly understand this, one needs to go deep underground and uncover the layers of this ancient Holy City.

Joshua and Caleb go down to the City of David in order to see the past with their own eyes.

The walls of the Old City walls are deeply ingrained in people’s consciousness.

But, they are a few hundred years old.

As little as 20-30 yards downward, 3,000 and 4,000 year-old walls are being unearthed.

The tunnels of the City of David reveal the exact locations that David probably came through in order to conquer the city of Jerusalem.

The water shaft where Joab, King David’s Chief of Staff of his army, most probably came in and conquered the walled city of Jerusalem will be revealed to your eyes in this amazing short video.

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