Episode 5 of the hilarious Jewish dating web series “Soon by you” is finally here

“Soon by you” is an original series, that focuses on Jewish religious young adults as they navigate the emotional roller coaster world of dating.

It is an eye opener into the world of Jewish dating, and the cast does a tremendous job of using Jewish themes such as the Sabbath and modesty.

The series is well written, and manages to balance comedy with drama as the serious topic of dating and marriage is explored.

The main characters are David, Z, Sarah, Sarah, Noa and Ben.

David is a rabbi.

As there are two characters with same name – Sarah and Sarah, this is bound to create confusion and comedy.

The show also has serious moments, such as when it promotes the halachic prenup or genetic testing.

The title of “Soon by you” is an expression often used among religious Jews at weddings.

For example, at a wedding, a married person may wish a single guest with a “soon by you” – that he should also find his soulmate soon.

So grab a seat and get ready for an original and awesome Jewish dating show!

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