Celebrating 8 Differences that Make the Jewish People Unique

Here are eight ways that Jews are different from the rest of the world.

The first response in the video is Jewish names. The second is clothing. One can wear modest clothing.

Jews speak Hebrew, the holy language, and the language that the Torah was originally written in.

The next difference is Shabbat, the day that is a special bond between Jews and God.

It is also a time when we focus on family and put away computers and other distractions. The next difference is kosher food.

First described in the Torah, keeping kosher means avoiding certain foods, such as pork and shellfish.

It goes far beyond this and requires a lot of study to properly understand the topic. The next difference is Israel – the Jewish homeland.

It’s the only homeland of the Jewish nation, dating back to King David’s rule over the land about three thousand years ago.

This video has a wonderful presentation of those differences – check it out!

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