Can Israeli Doctors Find a Cure for Cancer?

Cancer affects millions of people every year, and the very best and brightest Israeli scientists are one step closer to a cure.

Professor Gidi Rechavi of the Sheba Medical Center explains to our viewers what some of the newest tools and drugs are
that are available to fight cancer.

Firstly, at Sheba Medical Center, they fully map out the disease in a process called genomics. This technology allows them to understand how to match each cancer patient with specific drugs that match the gene makeup of the patient.

They look at healthy cells too which allows them to produce tailored treatments that are unique for each individual.

This wholesome focus increases the chances of positive diagnosis and ideal treatments for suffering cancer patients.

As opposed to a one-size-fits-all pill, a personalized treatment tends to get better results.

Secondly, they are also focusing on getting a diagnosis in just a few days.

This will help many patients, as they will be able to start treatments sooner which sometimes means the difference between life and death.

As well, they also focus on using bioinformatics to fight cancer.

Diagnosing patients within days that were once not able to be diagnosed is an amazing technological development that will be saving lives in Israel and out.

The concept of preserving the sanctity of life being something that the Chosen People are leading the way as trailblazers could not be anymore fitting.

The Jewish people have long held as a basic belief that despite having a firm belief in the existence of an after-world, this does not negate in any way the importance and sanctity of life in this world.

A basic Jewish principle has long been that in order to merit reward in the afterlife, once needs to live a meaningful God-inspired life in this world.

Part of living a meaningful life in this world is to treat the gift of life that the Lord has given us as exactly that – a gift – but also a responsibility. A responsibility towards ourselves, the world around us and to God.

A responsibility to bring more Godliness in this world – to be givers, to be unselfish, and to bring more kindness and happiness to those around us.

Working day and night to solve the mysteries of the curse that is cancer is perhaps the ultimate expression of bringing Godliness down to this world.

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