After a 40 KM All Night March These IDF Soldiers Celebrated with Dancing and Singing

The final assignment of basic training for IDF infantry new recruits is to complete an all night march, some as long as 50 Kilometers, and some as short as 40 Kilometers.

An all night march like this is exhausting!

As you can imagine, today’s Jews understand that serving as IDF soldiers to protect our people and our homeland, after 2,000 + years of exile and having no ability to protect ourselves, is a real privilege. Even though, Israel has a mandatory draft, motivation to join fighting units is high for that same reason, we are blessed to finally live in a generation that we can protect ourselves.

Even though these basic training recruits were thoroughly exhausted, they didn’t collapse, instead they sang and danced, out of pure joy and happiness that they are part of today’s privileged generation to serve and defend our people and our country.

This is holiness! This is the Jewish people in our homeland!

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